Late Start, But Oh Well

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so based on my Facebook account, I’ve already told you plenty. Still, this common expression is flawed because there is so much that can’t be captured merely with pictures, so I’ve decided to start writing about them. Honestly, this is more for me than for you so that I will have something to look at later to help me remember all of the fun details of my trip. However, as this is my first time truly outside of the country, I know what it’s like to want to live vicariously through other people’s travels, so that’s why I’ve chosen the internet as my medium rather than a pen and paper for my journal.

In case you don’t know, I’ve been in Germany visiting my exchange student, Mara. Here, I’ve been nodding and smiling my way through touristy things and also a day in the life of Mara, the medical student. Starting Wednesday, my blog will still have fun, tourist anecdotes, but it will also shift to be a bit of an actor journal while I study at Theatre Academy London (still feel fancy when I get to say that). The last ten days of my trip, my best friend (aka my mom) will join me for adventures that have yet to be determined, which may be the most exciting thing of all!

That’s all for now! These next few posts will be playing catch-up, since I’ve already been here for almost a week (oops). Hopefully by reading this, you can experience a small bit of the joy I’m feeling! Tschüss 🙂