Yes, I already dedicated an entire blog post to food. Gelato deserves its own post because it’s amazing. Also, like bread, it’s everywhere!

As Mara and I walked to get our first gelato of my trip, she was listing some of her favorite flavors, namely pistachio. I suffer from food envy and indecisiveness because there is just so much goodness and it’s so hard to choose. Therefore, I was hoping it could be like Baskin Robbins where you can sample to your heart’s delight until you decide (confession: sometimes I sample my favorite flavor just to get a taste before I get the one I actually want a full serving of). Mara told me that people in Germany just know what flavor they want, so there’s no sampling. With a sigh, I accepted this change in culture as we walked up to the gelato counter.

All of the flavors were, of course, labeled in German, so we spent a few minutes of Mara translating and describing a few flavors that don’t exist in the US. The guy behind the counter caught on to me being a foreigner and proved he was also fluent in English by offering I sample some flavors, “but not all of them,” he added with a chuckle. I narrowed it down to three: malaga (rum raisin), some type of German candy flavor, and tiramisu, after which I was prepared to choose. Before I could tell him my decision, he insisted I try the Coke zero flavor (he must’ve thought I love coke, being American). Then Mara ordered a truffle gelato, and he immediately gave me yet another spoon to try that as well.

He must’ve caught on that he had given the American 5 samples and nothing to the German, so he offered her a sample of one. I thanked him and ordered the German candy flavor, paid, and was surprised when he asked for my tiny plastic spoons back to wash and use again. Normally, I am really excited for reusing things and making good decisions for the environment, but I’m not sure about that one.

Basically, this story is really funny to me because it was the first time I got special treatment for being a foreigner, which is something extremely new to me. Now that I’m officially in London, I am appreciating being able to read everything and not have to worry about a language barrier, but I will miss those few perks.

*The gelato featured in the picture is named after Mara’s hometown, Göttingen


One comment

  1. Lucia · June 3, 2015

    Oh gelato! How I miss it…it’s hilarious that he assumed you’d like the coke zero one (which honestly sounds awful). It feels weird about the plastic spoon bring reused but I guess it’s no different from the silverware at a restaurant


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